Explosions Sonores (Demo)

by Explosions Sonores

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First demo with some electronic, trippy sounds


released September 27, 2013

Production, mixing, recordings by Kevin Rivera.
Lyrics by Kevin Rivera and Yaritza Vargas.
Demo artwork, unknown.



all rights reserved


Explosions Sonores Puerto Rico

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Track Name: Leisure
I'm laying on my bed listenning to Some nice music
And I'm on a deep astronomic trip
While i'm chilling on my crib
eating some chips
Thinking about chicks and doing flips
Watching ABC
doing LSD
Tripping and living with other perspective
Feeling and living reflective
Doing what I want with the power that I have
loving who i am hanging with my fans
living every moment without a single fear in mind'

Walking on one direction following one path
If you think i'm insane I will show you you're not sane
And i'm not even ashamed to say that you own this fucking game
And I feel flattered to hear that, but you too are nice at making some rap
Well i aprecciate the compliment but
everybody knows my rap sucks more than i can remember
if i sing one more note my body will be dismembered
You know what really suck? Hearing things like that knowing you don't give a fuck
I'm gonna make you know that you're not that bad at rapping yo

Why don't we stop rapping and roll a fucking joint
And fly higher than a motherfucking plane
That's a good idea let's roll a blunt and hunt some ideas
Let's have some fun firing the weed gunn
Let's write some songs and sing some chord blues
get so blazed out and not remeber shit in the morning'
Making music from the deepest of our hearts all night
waking & baking in the morning

Dancing to the beat of our hearts
getting all messed up and forgetting to do the laundry
thinking about that makes me go all hungry
Eating pancackes with bakon and a pizza with shrooms sounds good
And go on a trip to the moon
dance with the stars and shit
then go back home and do it all over again
Starring at those beautiful eyes
that expresses joy because of those pancackes
after smoking a good morning joint
Whatching movies all night and playing videogames like knights
Getting all happy inside feeling the breeze and air
went outside but they got me into a fight
We better get inside home and eat some munchies while we hide from reallity
Facing the truth and the rules of the gravity

Challenging the rules of the gravity by floating inside our minds through this body
Flying to heaven and talking to God he send me back to earth
cause i don't know how to rhyme
Then I went for a ride to highway to hell
but the devil told me to go to the starway to heaven of rhymes
to teach you to rap like god
Now i'm a fucking rap goddess
i own all the guns and shit
i know how to rhyme thanks to master kev
My friends think i'm a lunatic but
i say i'm just a wanderer looking for the way to hell
Not knowing we're already in there
with those mother fuckin demons ringing the bells of my despair
So if despairs comes knocking i'mma let it in
cause everyone knows that from despair comes hope
and from hope comes faith
and from faith comes destruction that's the way it goes
Track Name: Muerte Eléctrica
Sientes como todo te aplasta?
Como el mundo cae sobre tus hombros
Como el cielo de azul a rojo suela cambiar.
Solo Significa algo, Tu mundo se acaba de terminar.

Sientes Imagina y experimenta la muerte electrica.
En la camara de gas el veneno en tus pulmones se aloja.
Como la coriente por tus huesos y nervios pasa sin parar
Tus organos quieren explotar y tu sangre deramar.


Ven ahora no querias que todo terminara?
Experimenta mi maquina de dolor prueba y muera ya.
Con tan solo un boton tu vida voy apagar!!
Mi experimento mi juego con el diablo frutos rindio

Sientes Imagina y experimenta la muerte electrica.
En la camara de gas el veneno en tus pulmones se aloja.
Como la coriente por tus huesos y nervios pasa sin parar
Tus organos quieren explotar y tu sangre deramar.


En un experimento por placer la vida te devolvere
Solo juego con algo del mas alla para a ti regresar
La inteligencia artificial y la invocacion infernal un ser crearon
La magia del diablo se combina con la ciencia del humano abriendo mundo de oportunidades
Track Name: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)(Eurythmics cover)
Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
I travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused